Jordan (Unbarred) has always been extremely helpful and supportive to Matt and Ben (Blind Side) since they first met up to share a few homebrews, so when he invited them to create and brew a collab recipe together it was a no-brainer. Unbarred make exceptional hop-forward brews and Blind Side like to add something different to each of theirs, so it made sense to play to each of their strengths and go down the IPA route, but come at it from a slightly different angle. They played around with a few ideas before settling on granola as the “twist“, and this one made the most sense from a production perspective. Crafting the key elements of a bowl of granola into the recipe was challenging, and they settled on using the flavour profiles of Amarillo and El Dorado hops along with apricot puree and peaches to achieve those stone/tropical fruit flavours. It was never going to be easy to fully produce that crunch and toastiness you get from a granola cluster, but with the malt grist along with toasted almonds and honey both parties are very happy they’ve captured the essence of granola rather than the exact flavour, which would have been extremely difficult without the use of extracts and flavourings. Certainly there are smiles all round with the end product – a proclaimed full-bodied, juicy IPA with a toasted, malty backbone. It’s a beer for breakfast, what could possibly go wrong…?



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