Jack’s Tour de France starts at Euro 2016 and he’ll be spending the summer travelling to offies with his favourite beers from Bison to try and find some competition. You can view his favourite discoveries using #frenchexchange and tweet any much needed advice on where to go!

Ok, my French clearly failed me here. Monsieur nodded along as I described the bitter oranges from Seville and high ABV (which will be imperative to my relationship with the french) Bloody ‘Ell brings. The 6% pale ale was very thin and no contest for Beavertown’s blood orange IPA, which might not be as good as last year’s but still ranks right up there in my go to beer list. The head disappeared quicker than the camera could capture it and the citrus notes did nothing to save its bacon. 1 Franc out of 5 from me, I’ll try and find somewhere that speaks English next week.

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