As Portugal upset the odds at #Euro2016 and Paris called full-time on the tournament and headed East to the Champagne region. If anything, the competition continued the year of the underdog and proved that teamwork is key. In Épernay, I found France’s finest champagne makers and I searched for a beer to take on Two Tribe’s introductory Saison. Dom Pérignon, a world-famous monk that made champagne his craft, worked at Moët & Chandon, which I toured and clearly saw the difference between making beer and blending champagne. The classification itself is complicated – it can only be produced in an area less than 10% the size of Sussex. To put this into context, Ridgeview wines (who The Bison Arms team visited earlier this year) is around the same size as Moët & Chandon – with plans to double in the next 5 years. It’s fair to says Dom and his successors are doing a decent job, producing 28 million bottles of bubbly every year (The UK produced 6m bottles of all wine varieties in 2014!). I digress, in between the vins of Reims and Epernay, I found a suitable Saison to take away. La Pirata’s effort with Green Street isn’t a match made in heaven but the 8.6% attempt was an ideal opponent. Barcelona to Moscow is the most random collaboration I’ve ever tried and, from the first sip, it was clear they struggled to find some common ground. It’s certainly not easy drinking like the Two Tribes brew and I found it far too yeasty for the style. That said, I’m certainly no connoisseur of Saisons, but I know what I like and the taut, limey finish did nothing for me. On the other hand, Supersonic Saison(should’ve been called ‘Insane In The Saison’) is delicious. Easy drinking with big hits of orange, it’s one that says the summer season is here and there’s always plenty of beer – for those that can’t guzzle champagne all day long!

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