I went back to Brewberry to find a match for Magic Rock’s sensational gose-style beer, Salty Kiss. The collaboration with Danish master brewer Anders Kissmeyer won gold at World Beer Cup 2014 so it seemed spot on that Ben suggested Sjavár Bjór brewed by The Wall. The Italian outfit sourced sea salt flakes from Iceland for this, which I found fitting considering both their teams’ progress at #Euro2016. The first thing that strikes me is the artwork on both beers – Magic Rock designer, Richard Norgate, can do no wrong when it comes to drawing on cans and The Wall’s Icelandic flag influence on their bottle is intriguing. Frequenters of Bison Beer will need no introduction to the Salty Kiss, as the 5/5 brew is seldom not on our shelves. The tarty number is in a different league to Sjavár Bjór. It pours flat and tastes so salty that I can’t be certain of its style – it says it’s an amber on the label but, apart from it’s appearance, shows no characteristics of it’s compatriots. It is still an interesting beer, with a bit of Bertie Bassett about it in a liquorice aftertaste. I’ll be sticking with my Magic Rock for sure and I’m sorry Sjavár Bjór, but it’s the sea for you – where you’ll fit right in because you taste and smell like seawater.

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