I’ll be honest, I picked this beer because of it’s label. But, isn’t that what everyone does these days? And fortune favoured the brave on this occasion as the final match for #Euro2016 scores just 29 for style according to RateBeer (Beast Street gets 71), yet you’ll see by the final score that the contest was much closer than that. Coco Nino are Charles and Hugo, friends who’ve brewed together for years and whose beers can be found all over France. Both Brewberry and A la Bière comme à la Bière know these guys personally and speak very highly of their personalities. The Hoppy Pale Ale is perhaps a bit more American in style than our Beast Street because the tropical taste is more akin to our See Side (being canned as I type this) than the bitterness Beast is more known for. Side by side, they look like best friends, with bodies of amber haze and dusty white heads. They both smell beautiful as well so, for me, it comes down to the taste to decide the outcome of these evenly matched brews. The Coco Nino is a bit stronger at 5.8% but the Beast Street is just that bit more rounded and possesses the type of experience needed to win a tournament. I’ll be on the move next week after the final on Sunday (allez les bleus) and embarking on the Tour De France so any tips on where to head once my current supply runs dry much appreciated!

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