It’s gonna be a long, hot summer

Open Late, Until 8
The sun might’ve have seemed a little shy to come out but after we enticed it with a few beers it’s finally started to shine and we’re staying open later to celebrate that. There’s nothing that makes us love this fair city of ours more than heading down the beach with a cold brew or two. And you don’t have to knock off early (although that’s all fine by us) to do just that, with Bison Beer open until 8pm Monday – Saturday to buy some beer. So grab yer growler and join us on the pebbles as we kick back and watch the sun set.

We’re giving Will Blood a few growlers to wish him good luck for his solo show @ Brush this Saturday from 7pm. It’s a private view but if you’d like to join us in checking out his latest work then drop us a line here and you can sneak in with us as a beer delivery bod. Will’s told us that everything on show will have been produced within the last 3 weeks!


Soul Style IPA | Green Flash

Got sunshine? Then this bright & tropical beer is for you to head to the beach with! A fruity, slightly dry IPA with a little pine going on. Given its 6.5% booze content I could easily get carried away on a summers day! Bring on the sunshine Brighton.

I’ll give this 4 and half Brett’s outta five!

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