Friday 13th on East Street

Drink Through It
Anyone out there suffer from triskaidekaphobia? Nah, we didn’t think so – but did you know that around 20 million Americans do? So much so that it’s estimated almost $1 billion is lost in business on this day in the states. We’ve been freakishly busy sourcing some great beers from the likes of Tempest, Mad Hatter & San Diego’s very own Modern Times to keep you safe. We suggest you stock up because if you wake up alive and well on Saturday then you’ll need a few more to get through Eurovision. Unfortunately our first attempt at a IIPA won’t be ready in time, but check out Dan’s design to whet your whistle for the collab that lands later this month!


Unforgiven Red Rye | Tempest Brewing Co.

“A Beer for Cowboys” – much like a red ale but the beer does what it says on the tin, big smokiness with a rye backbone running through. Fancy something a little different, then this is for you! Enjoy Cowboys.

I’ll give this smokey rye 4 Brett’s.

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