Desserted Planet – Collaboration Series


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It’s no secret that we often start with a name (Beast Street, Sticks & Stones and Ryed With Us for example) before working back to create a beer. Whilst that’s not the status quo in the brewing industry, it’s certainly something we’ve seen success with. We see our customers drawn to beautiful can designs and buying beer in the hope that it’ll taste as good as it looks. To achieve that takes beerilliant teamwork, and the likes of Cloudwater & Beavertown have certainly set the benchmark high. Luckily, we’ve been working closely with Arundel brewery and have shared many beliefs (and beers). Since we made Dirty Rascal together last summer, we’ve gotten to like each other a lot – so much so that we now brew our original beer, See Side APA, at Arundel. Therefore, it should be no surprise that another collab is in the offing with our best work ahead of us. Desserted Planet brews will feature small batches of beer intended to be drunk super fresh, inspired by pure deliciousness.


Brenden and Ollie have fired up the test kits and are working their way through a not so short list. For clues of what’s to come, beer fans should check out our first label as the other ‘planets’ are beginning to take form. Brighton based illustrator George Sharp has stepped up to take on the unenviable task of doing the can justice and, we think you’ll agree, has opened his account in style. Whilst we try not to take our beer too seriously, the same cannot be said for George when it comes to the design process – literally immersing himself in strawberries and cream. A mouth-watering job that simply had to be done…

Strawberries & Cream IPA will be available at Bison and Arundel shops in early August.

Desserted Planet

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