If you can find a better bottleshop in France than A la Bière comme à la Bière, then I’ll buy you a beer. Simply step off the Eurostar and hop a couple stops up the Metro to find all of the beers. The guys have got a second shop further East and have recently opened a pub, which I’ll be sure to visit. The interior is typically Parisian with much of the drawing done by by local street artist, Urm Le Fou, who has a style not too dissimilar to Brighton’s Will Blood or Beavertown’s Nick Dwyer. I spoke to Nick before my trip and he’s hung out here a few times, which was evident by the amount of their cans sitting on the rustic shelves – although they’ve no chance of stocking Bloody Notorious. The shop clearly champions local too, so I asked for a contender to Brighton Bier’s collab with Choccywoccydoodah and got given a 6.5% stout brewed West of the city. I was expecting my closest encounter yet as the guys had plenty to put forward and, whilst I’ve been a big fan of Brighton Bier’s recent brews, I’m not blown away by Choccy’s chocolate. The 7% vegan stout exceeded my expectations, pouring with impressive carbonation and drinking so smooth you’d have to agree with the velvety description on the can. O’Clock’s stout was decent, with a nose of glorious coffee and a blink-and-you-miss-it copper head, it’s a solid stout but overall disappointing for a recommendation that never got out of first gear for me. Keep an eye on#thefrenchexchange as England and I enjoy an extended stay in France and get yourselves down Bison for all the Brighton Biers.


I’ve been asking around after last week’s shocker and some locals pointed me to the Latin Quarter, where I found a Brewberry. On one side of the cobbled street is a bar with 20 taps and opposite is an offie. The tap room had growlers on display but no filling station so I sampled all the beers and hopped across the stones to the bottleshop. Ben, a true Parisian whose English is decent, sent me packing with a selection of France’s finest and a contender forTiny Rebel’s 5.2% red.  Les Brasseurs du Grand Paris  are based North West of Paris and their Porte Dorée provided proper competition. It pours deep red and smells fantastic – a tasty number if a little thin on the finish. Unfortunately for France, Tiny Rebel’s champion beer of Britain reined supreme and ran out with the win. Scant consolation after super-subs Jamie Vardy and Daniel Sturridge got the England party going at #Euro2016. Fans of England, Wales and Cwtch can find it at no. 7 East Street.


Jack’s Tour de France starts at Euro 2016 and he’ll be spending the summer travelling to offies with his favourite beers from Bison to try and find some competition. You can view his favourite discoveries using #frenchexchange and tweet any much needed advice on where to go!

Ok, my French clearly failed me here. Monsieur nodded along as I described the bitter oranges from Seville and high ABV (which will be imperative to my relationship with the french) Bloody ‘Ell brings. The 6% pale ale was very thin and no contest for Beavertown’s blood orange IPA, which might not be as good as last year’s but still ranks right up there in my go to beer list. The head disappeared quicker than the camera could capture it and the citrus notes did nothing to save its bacon. 1 Franc out of 5 from me, I’ll try and find somewhere that speaks English next week.

Friday 13th on East Street

Drink Through It
Anyone out there suffer from triskaidekaphobia? Nah, we didn’t think so – but did you know that around 20 million Americans do? So much so that it’s estimated almost $1 billion is lost in business on this day in the states. We’ve been freakishly busy sourcing some great beers from the likes of Tempest, Mad Hatter & San Diego’s very own Modern Times to keep you safe. We suggest you stock up because if you wake up alive and well on Saturday then you’ll need a few more to get through Eurovision. Unfortunately our first attempt at a IIPA won’t be ready in time, but check out Dan’s design to whet your whistle for the collab that lands later this month!


Unforgiven Red Rye | Tempest Brewing Co.

“A Beer for Cowboys” – much like a red ale but the beer does what it says on the tin, big smokiness with a rye backbone running through. Fancy something a little different, then this is for you! Enjoy Cowboys.

I’ll give this smokey rye 4 Brett’s.

It’s gonna be a long, hot summer

Open Late, Until 8
The sun might’ve have seemed a little shy to come out but after we enticed it with a few beers it’s finally started to shine and we’re staying open later to celebrate that. There’s nothing that makes us love this fair city of ours more than heading down the beach with a cold brew or two. And you don’t have to knock off early (although that’s all fine by us) to do just that, with Bison Beer open until 8pm Monday – Saturday to buy some beer. So grab yer growler and join us on the pebbles as we kick back and watch the sun set.

We’re giving Will Blood a few growlers to wish him good luck for his solo show @ Brush this Saturday from 7pm. It’s a private view but if you’d like to join us in checking out his latest work then drop us a line here and you can sneak in with us as a beer delivery bod. Will’s told us that everything on show will have been produced within the last 3 weeks!


Soul Style IPA | Green Flash

Got sunshine? Then this bright & tropical beer is for you to head to the beach with! A fruity, slightly dry IPA with a little pine going on. Given its 6.5% booze content I could easily get carried away on a summers day! Bring on the sunshine Brighton.

I’ll give this 4 and half Brett’s outta five!

Bison Beer FC 5-1 Whitehawk Ultras


On a bright and sunny bank holiday Sunday morning Bison Beer FC welcomed Whitehawk Ultras to the Sussex Sunday League. The fan group claim to be pro-football and anti idiots so both teams agreed to let the ball do the work and enjoy 90 minutes of total football. The match was originally meant to be played at The Enclosed Ground but after Whitehawk made the playoffs it was moved to the training facilities at Stanley Deason. Whitehawk Ultras have never played a competitive game and fielded a young looking side. Bison Beer called on experience with a 4-5-1 formation featuring 40-year-old former semi-pro the gaffer’s brother Greg Shawyer, leading the line. Jack Cregan took up the no.10 role with Oli Harper supposedly behind him in CM supported by new signing Gary, flanked by brothers Toby and Lex. The back 4 and keeper was the familiar set up for big Wayne in nets, Paul and Luke centre with a Ben either side.

Bison Beer started on the front foot as Toby came in off the wing and found the back of the net inside 5 minutes. Shortly after Greg unselfishly squared to Jack for 2-0 and it looked like a walk in the park. Out of nothing Whitehawk hoisted a free kick into the box and the second ball fell kindly to one of their defenders up for the set piece, who reduced the deficit to 2-1. The Bisons were undeterred and kept up the pressure, resulting in a penalty after Oli Harper conned the larger than life referee, got called some unkind words and put Bison Beer 3-1 up at the break.

Whitehawk Ultras offered more at the start of the second half but failed to test big Wayne again and it was captain Jack Cregan who extended the lead after good chances for Oli and Toby. The Bisons pressed from the front and the Whitehawk defender desperately tried to get rid as Jack closed him down and looped a left-footed attempt over the bemused ‘keeper and into the net for 4-1. The older Bisons were much fitter than their younger counterparts and spurned several chances before Jack completed his hat trick from the spot to make it five. A rematch awaits at Whitehawk’s home pitch where everyone is expecting a much closer scoreline.  

Bison Bank Holiday Bonanza

Bison Beer is on the Map
It May be bank holiday weekend but we won’t be running around any maypoles or Morris dancing just yet. Instead we’re remaining indoors whilst we wait for the official start of summer – from the Met Office! Luckily we’ve teamed up with various artists across Brighton to welcome you into their houses with delicious Bison Beer. Go and escape the elements on the Central Trail with 20 venues to choose from within walking distance of our store. We’re exhibiting some of the art in store too so swing by and cheers to that with a beer on us. And if you don’t feel like intruding on the artist’s houses then you can hang out at the Vans store with cans of See Side APA on offer Saturday night where Will Blood, amongst others, will be drawing on skateboards for Deck Show 2 before his 5 week solo show at Brush. Then there’s the small matter of draught Beast Street IPA at the opening of shop friend, Oli Butler’s, Trunk Top 86 on Gardener Street and Brighton Tattoo Convention.

The guys and gals from Crate Brewery came down from East London for our latest meet and greet at the Crafthouse last night. 64 Degreespaired some delicious food to their brews, featuring the one off Oceanic Pale Ale that got rave reviews by those in attendance by the seaside. Somehow there’s still a few growlers of that (but no more beef brisket) left so come on down and check it out today.

We also went to Arundel this week as we finally felt ready to try and brew a DIPA. We took plenty of help with us with Coconut IPA kings Matt and Ben joining the brew squad which included Les from The Bison Arms team and plenty of Arundel regulars as well. The story started at the Pulborough Citrus Centre where we picked lemons the size of Nick’s head from the tree and zested them overnight. In the spirit of doubling up we’ve all agreed to try and double our press-ups by the time the brew comes into can…


Automaton IPA | Salopian Brewery

These guys don’t worry about telling ya about the beer on the bottle, that’s for you to decide. It’s a sweet and juicy IPA with a little bitterness to finish off. It’s a Bank Holiday sunshine kinda beer boys and girls. Head to that Bison fridge and give it a go!

I’ll give this four and a bit Bretts outta five. Cheers!


A Nation of Lager Lovers
Last weekend we took all the beer we could get our paws on to the Brighton Marathon. In addition to our own Bison Beer we had pale ales from Brighton Bier and Island Records, as well as 8 kegs of pils from Two Tribes. With 4 local ales available we welcomed runners, and their family & friends to the bar on a bright and sunny day by the beach. We briefed the staff with some tasting notes and waited for thirsty punters to carefully choose their pints. But we didn’t have to wait long to see what the general public wanted: a cold crisp lager. We forget, whilst we kick back in our little crafthouse that we live in country full of lager fans. As craft beer makes the headlines it must be known that for each pint of craft ale sold there will be 3 more Fosters, Kronenbourg or Grolsch’s served. So it should’ve come as no surprise that we sold out of Two Tribes Pils first then. You live and learn.

Henry and the rest of the team will not likely be drinking any lager or running the London Marathon this weekend. Instead we’ve spent the week resting up and sourcing some beerilliant craft beer for you Brightonians to get to grips with. We’ve tried a few of the new brews this week and you can check out what we thought here. The Magic Rock Un-Human Cannonball is Un-Real and, sadly now Un-Available…

Machete Double IPA | Birrificio del Ducato

DIPAs are all the rage right now and this one comes outta Italy! Heavily hopped with tropical fruits running through this 7.6% number. Good balance going on here with a lasting bitter finish. I’d certainly enjoy drinking this again so I suggest you grab one and give it a go.

I’ll give this four Bretts outta five. Cheers!


Run, Bisons, Run

Let’s Keep it Local
You’ve just done 26 miles and you’re on the home stretch with a slight seaside tailwind spurring you onto the end. The final 500m are the best strides you’ve ever taken and Bison Beer is waiting for you at the finish line. Standing by with the thirsty friends and family of thousands of runners who decided to #bemorebison. We’re proud to be part of this incredible city and we’ve got 7 Sussex brews to celebrate the seventh Brighton Marathon. With beers from Brighton Bier, Dark Star and Bison plus cider from theSeaCider chaps we’re pretty sure there’ll be something for everyone to cheers to. And if not, there’ll be plenty of prosecco and an abundance of Brighton Gin to get stuck into.

If last weekend’s tap takeover whet your whistle then snap up some tickets to a great night with Crate Brewery at our little crafthouse.
For £15 you can expect 4 beers with food pairings from 64 Degrees, compered by Brighton based comedian Will Rankin. Comedy Dave has ruled himself too big for the shop nowadays after an awesome show on Saturday where his London based comedians wiped the floor with the local jokers. It must be noted that Will wasn’t there. Cheers to everybody that came down to support the comedians and drink Bison Beers. Brighton showed its true colours on Sunday with an epic win for the Homebrewers, who beat pros from Cloudwater,Laines and the likes in the Brewtorial quiz. Our very own Tamara D’Silva wrapped things up with some smooth Sunday Blues that we’re hoping to hear a lot more of soon–L1en5Pbw

See Side APA 2016 Edition | Bison Beer

BIG hops in this, fruity and bitter. An easy drinking American Pale Ale perfect for the summer time. Nab a can and head to the seaside why don’t ya.

I’ll give this refreshing beach ready tin four and a bit Bretts outta five. Cheers!