A Swarm of Bees Unbarred – That Friday Feeling


After featuring Unbarred (Jordan) and Blind Side’s (Matt & Ben) Granola beer last week we decided to pay a visit to the scene of the brew. We also (naturally) concocted a collab of our own, featuring honey actually made in Hove. Together with the Blind Side boys and local beer legend, Brett Preston, who brought some honeycomb he’d made earlier, A Swarm of Bees was born and ready to get stuck in. 


But first, beer. And plenty of it – the first thing that hits you is the sheer amount of beers that are being brewed here. 15 in the tanks at any given time with plans to expand. The concept here is simple: collaborate and listen. Inviting like-minded individuals to a space that literally oozes opportunities is exciting to see here in Sussex and we’re sure this place will be a success.


Back to our brew; we dreamt up recipe to champion local and bee ready to drink by the time we actually open in Hove. The Honeycomb Milkshake Pale contains honey, honeycomb and an unconfirmed Crunchie bar. By bringing along the boys from Blind Side and Brett & Beer we hope to serve up an example of the sweet creativity buzzing about in our fair city…

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